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What the B1G is Saying? (1 Viewer)

Black Dean

Dean but also Black

  • Will the New NCAA Revenue Sharing Deal Force Notre Dame to the Big 10?
  • To hell with Notre Dame.
  • The ACC/Independent angle has maximized. revenue for Notre Dame. But no longer. Now joining the B1G will make them substantially more money. So Notre Dame joining is inevitable. In my dreams we would tell them to fuck off but we all know that will never happen.
  • Nebraska Football 2024 (7-0) to face Ohio Is Very Possible
  • I made my first visit to Lincoln last year and if you get the opportunity you will likely have a good experience. Scott Frost and 97 aside the fan base is respectful and humbled. Watching Michigan eviscerate Nebraska in Lincoln and send half the stadium home at half time was a joy.
  • However in the 2nd year under Rhule they have optimism for the first time since Pelini. Securing Dominic Raiola is a boon and makes a statement. Keeping him in Nebraska the next three years even more so. As a team they had a promising spring game where throws were made.
  • Is there a question? They might. Then they'll get destroyed and OSU will somehow up their amazing strength of schedule, until Nebraska loses 4 out of 5 to end the season.
  • If you saved this post, could you use it every May for the next 10 years? Seems like Nebraska hope is always strong in the Summer
  • Maryland West, i.e. strong in September and into October, then look out below! The fans deserve better. I went there in 2021, and they were the nicest, most welcoming fans I've ever met at a B1G away game.
  • Colorado seems like it could go either way, but it looks like Nebraska will probably be 6-1 and maybe a top 15 by the time they play OSU then OSU will probably be up 35-3 at halftime and Nebraska will probably finish the season 7-5 or 6-6
  • Their schedule sets up really, really well to introduce what will still just be a true freshman QB. Highly touted or not, real deal or not, Raiola will still just be a true freshman. And that by itself will cost them a game or two next year.
  • As a passer right now Raiola > Orji.
  • I will be rooting for Nebraska against Colorado. The Nebraska team that lost to the Buffs last year is long gone, and I bet Rhule can get the defense ready for a hero-balling Shedeur Sanders.
  • I would rather enjoy it if Nebraska beat Colorado quite honestly because I do think Rhule can improve their outlook, and a nice win in an old Big XII (formerly, Big Eight) rivalry would help with that.
  • I'll never take pleasure in a Nebraska victory, the memories of the "shared" national championship are still to fresh. Greatest sports travesty of my lifetime.
  • Bear in mind that this is a program that hasn't posted a winning season since 2016. Maybe next year is their breakthrough, but I feel like we've been saying this about them for a few years now.
  • Nebraska should get comfortable being lost in the woods because I don't see any reason to think they'll ever be nationally relevant (like title relevant) ever again other than a blip every few decades
  • I don't think people in this thread understand how insufferable Nebraska will be if they are even remotely relevant.
  • They need to be kept in the bottom feeder (and I haven't seen anything that indicates they are on their way up). Nebraska is Indiana with more history & better traditions.
  • How on Earth did Nebraska get THAT easy of a B1G schedule in this day and age?
  • That schedule is Charmin soft. Rhule is a good enough coach to only lose to OSU & USC or UCLA.

Michigan State

  • I've decided to not Turn Right on Red
  • I believe that it is an option. You do not have to turn right on red if there's no traffic. I usually do, but yesterday I've discovered that if pause for a second or two to double-check some idiot behind you will honk their horn and raise their hands above the steering wheel. So, despite any amount of honking, hand waving, middle fingering, gun toting, swearing and yelling I will not turn right on red anymore.
  • Sneakers and suit
  • When will this trend go away? Its terrible. Will we look at it like we now look at the suit sizes in the 2003 NBA draft?
  • Big Ten Baseball Tourney
  • Who’s the moron that created this format? Not quite double elimination, but you get a second chance if you lose in the first two rounds? And not every team makes it but you can still lose and win it?
  • The bigger question is why was the first semifinal played at 9am local time today?
  • Have you ever watched the NCAA World Series? It’s the same concept they used for this tournament. Your mind is just trying to somehow read this into a conventional bracket. For instance, you keep using the term “semi-finals”. There’s no semifinals. You play until each bracket of 4 is won in the double elimination format, then the two bracket winners play in the final.
  • I misunderstood the bracket since what I was looking at didn’t have a game after the “semi”. This makes more sense, just read it wrong. Sorry for ruining your day.
  • Big 10 projected to only get 2 teams into the tournament, with the SEC likely to get 10 or 11.
  • Why do birds chirp?
  • Birds arent real. the chirping is an artifact of old technology where the "birds" aka spy devices are transmitting their data wirelessly back to the REDACTED
  • If it flies, it spies.
  • Smoking? (Food not Drugs)
  • Is it still considered cool to ride your bike no-handed?
  • I saw a middle aged guy proudly riding his bike no-handed earlier today and I didn't know if I should think he was cool or not. When I have questions like this, I like to come here for advice.
  • My Vietnamese Underage Daughter....
  • Just submitted her enrollment deposit to MSU. Next step, ordering her student football tickets.
  • Pics of her aboveage non Vietnamese mom?
  • I didn't say the mom was above age....

Penn State

  • B1G Baseball Championship: Penn State vs Nebraska- GAMETIME 11am
  • The game has been moved from 2pm to 11am EST due to forecasted storms later in the afternoon. LFG PSU!!!
  • I saw that we've lost 11 straight games to Nebraska. We're due!
  • Through 3 innings, PSU holds a 1-0 lead.
  • These announces don’t seem to understand the meaning of Memorial Day.
  • Few do. Luckily I have the sound off.
  • How long is this challenge going to take? Video confirmed the runner was out at 1st. It’s a force play not a tag play.
  • Very good baseball, all around. Good job, Penn State.
  • Close but no cigar in bottom of 8th. Line drive to 3rd baseman followed by to balls hit to the warning track.
  • Nebraska scores in top of 9th. Could have been strike 3 but didn't get the call, then PSU pitcher throws fast ball down the middle (with 1st base open) giving up the go ahead hit.
  • Should’ve been called strike 3 and end of the inning. But no, Nebraska gets the call and on the very next pitch singles in what was ultimately is the winning run. BS call.
  • Actually he hung a curve ball. Great game. Tough loss.
  • Great game, any chance PSU gets into the NCAA's?
  • I actually thought it was a bit outside but the most have been calling those strikes the past two days.
  • Still no excuse for throwing it down the middle with 1st base open.
  • Either way it was up and over the middle of the plate.
  • I don't believe so we finished 29-24.
  • Probably not, but this loss doesn’t take away from the fact that this team had an amazing run in the big ten tournament. I think this is going to be the start of something special for this program. This is a watershed moment for the program imo. Gambino was a great hire!!! Awesome job by Pat Kraft of hiring him!
  • I hope you're right. I can't pretend I could name a guy on the baseball team but these last two days I was rooting hard.
  • The pitch was a little off the plate, a ball. I love the conspiracy theories but that was a ball. It sucks. The play at 2B on the steal should have been the inning. The kid slid to the outfield side of the bag and got in. Great baserunning and props to Nebraska.
  • Seems we can never win when the chips are down other than wrestling which is usually a foregone conclusion and few care.
  • We get a home mat for Wrestling once every X years. The rest of the conference gets a home game for every tournament imaginable. Today was a good example and it's going to be in Omaha for 3 more years they said. Indy or Chiraq for basketball and football. OKie Doke. We get wrestling. Like we need it. Maryland next year. Whoo hoo.
  • It may have been a ball, but in this tournament that pitch has been a strike 90% of the time.
  • Is this is real complaint? Are they giving the Illini and Hoosiers an advantage or is it just a major city? You realize Nebraska is located in Lincoln not Omaha? Do you want championships in Philly or Pittsburgh and if so why? Doubt you're attending anyway.
  • Why not? Whether I attend is irrelevant. There's a home advantage in these tournaments when it's in a local city. Seems the only tournament we ever host is wrestling. Did you see any of the game? Did you notice the crowd? These things should be on a rotation not locked in.
  • If it was in any other city nobody would show up and watch. There is nothing to do in Nebraska so might as well give these farmers something to cheer for besides watching corn grow.
  • Where exactly do you want Penn State to "host" the Big Ten baseball tournament? Are the Phillies or Bucs going to agree to it? State College wouldn't work.
  • Whatever program/city that puts together the best proposal and has the best facilities should host IMO
  • The old Big East having their tournament at Madison Square Garden was great. Just like it makes sense that the Big Ten has it in Indianapolis or Chicago (or maybe Minneapolis)--could be LA moving forward or Seattle.
  • I don't think any of it should be on a campus site--that includes Penn State/Cockeye for wrestling unless they simply have the top seed host.
  • Tornado videos out of Nebraska are insane
  • Cow!
  • It has been a great 24 hours not to be in Nebraska. Even more so than usually.
  • Those guys were a lot calmer than eye woulda been! “Shouldn’t we get away from the windows?”
  • Some of these people seem to want to drive right into the damn things. You won’t be landing in Oz.
  • Most people are probably texting on their phones and didn't even notice the Tornado.
  • I watched this live yesterday. Absolutely insane power. It looks like cgi from movie.
  • This looks fake. Incredible.


  • Nebraska
  • Has completed their past 7 seasons without going to a bowel.
  • During our illustrious run of Gilby - Willingham - Sark, we went 7 seasons without a bowel, before Sark stumbled up to 7 wins.
  • Holy fuckall Nebraska.
  • Can’t wait to finally meet those classy fans when we return to Lincoln. We should do a HH pregame at Runza.
  • Nebraska stupidly tried the "hire the alum" trick
  • Frost was the hottest name on the carousel in 2017 and turned down other jobs in favor of his Alma mater.
  • It's always a feel good hire and you still see it happening, but it usually doesn't work.
  • You completely missed the point as usual. Frost turned down Florida to go to Nebraska. It wasn’t a “feel good” hire it was an objectively good hire at the time. In hindsight, that’s different.
  • Good thing Dannen wanted to get away from all the shitlibs here so bad he signed up for a nightmare.
  • They've been oscillating between 3 and 5 wins that entire tim. During a period of B1G West dominance. Errr, excuse me, I'm being told that actually the B1G West never once won the B1G title game once it became West and East. Purdue, Northwestern, Minnesota, Cockeye, Illinois. Worldbeaters apparently.
  • Our 7 year run had a 6-6 season (the first year of it) under Gilby which did not result in a bowel. Then we were all over the place with Owen, 1, 2, 4 and 5 wins (Twice).
  • How Nebraska? How?
  • they need somebody that bleeds red…wait…
  • Nebraska and Cockeye should be forced to move to the Big 12.
  • Nebraska never should have left
  • Nebraska makes no sense as a power. They should be like shittier Kansas actually, but the whole option thing built their program and they did a hell of a job sustaining it for a very long time.
  • It's also stupid the Big 10 won't have any sort of geographical divisions going forward. Is there another team sport on any level that has zero geographical division? We should be playing Nebraska every year.
  • That’s wild I had no idea it had been that long.
  • I guess they should have given “nine win Bo” a little more grace.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska isn’t a cool place for the kids to go to school and play football? Who knew?


  • If that was a dig at Prime it should have been 0 days without durn bulljunk.
  • I guess when the face of the program is a whistle chewing, lip-licking, “we have Bill Belichick at home” buffoon, the wit power is about as bright as a flashlight with dead batteries. Self awareness is at an absolute ZERO
  • Wonder if they are growing hemp in that state...those downwinds must be having an impact on those people.
  • Anything related to the devil’s lettuce is illegal in Nebraska (The Goodlife, ya know). It’d probably make for a more interesting drive to get to other states if you drove by fields of cannabis, instead of corn and soy beans for hours on end.
  • Tom Osborne is uncomfortable with the sticky, and so it has been spoken for all
  • Tornadoes in Nebraska and Lincoln
  • Best thing to ever come out of Lincoln.
  • "The amount of debris falling on me from Lincoln, NE was a scene I'll never forget." Wait 'til you visit Folsom!
  • Improves the land value as well.
  • I guess when you live in Lincoln driving towards a tornado seems like a good idea
  • Nebraska has the 53rd hardest schedule for 2024, Colorado has the 13th.
  • I have Colorado for sure winning 8, but there spread could be from 6 wins to 11 wins, so many unknowns
  • Nebraska should win 6 games, but for them to get up to 7+ wins, the Freshman will have to tear it up. I think them going all in on Raiola is gonna cost them a good record this year. If they just bought a better starter, they could win 8-9 games
  • Apparently the cobgobblers on Lincoln radio refer to Prime as Slime Time and claim that he will be entering the most “hostile” stadium in America.
  • I guess they won't be clapping when they beat us. Oh Noooooo lulz
  • lol like they’ll have the chance to clap after we are done with them.
  • It didn’t require any real thought, effort, or creativity, which is why it’s so on brand for the Nubs.
  • $240 each for the Fuskers game. Pretty steep but worth it. We will see if my priority even works on getting the tickets.
  • Watch out for the self-righteous victim balloons!
  • Ha I was there in 2018. Weirdest people I've ever seen. The amount of bull**** Welcome to Lincoln handshakes. Can't wait to beat these ****ers again.
  • I’d be mad if my most hated rival kicked my team’s ass like CU did to the Huskers last year.
  • Along with it being 4,919 days since the Corn****ers have beaten the Buffs.
  • And counting!
  • I'm so ready to destroy the Cornholers in EA Sports CFB 25. I wonder if there is a cheat code to have Husker fans crying in that game.
  • Nope. Husker fans crying is a well established tradition and will be included.
  • Looks like Nubs don't have the $$$ for their stadium renovation.


  • Game at Nebraska moved to Fri., Sept. 20th
  • At least it’s a road game. I don't mind watching a Friday night game at home with some beverages after work but would rather not go to a game then.
  • Yeah, I would say I am cool with one away Friday game per year ... the home ones just simply sink our already fragile attendance, and they suck.
  • EDIT: It would be interesting to look at which Big Ten schools rely the most on out-of-town fans for their football attendance and which ones rely on local fans primarily. Penn State seems like an obvious one that is heavily dependent on out-of-town fans, while Minnesota seems like the opposite end of the spectrum. We'd probably be close to PSU?
  • I hate games on Friday nights. I am never able to watch them.
  • Nebraska's AD on the move to Friday night. “The other thing is we can be upset about it all we want, but we’re cashing a pretty large check from our television contract every year. This is the price of that check. In order to fund what we want to do, you end up with a Friday night game here and there.”
  • Honestly just feels like posturing for residents of Nebraska. Unless their AD is genuuinely really really in to high school football who cares? They'll sell out and if it was the opposite Memorial Stadium would look empty on a Friday night on national television.


  • University of Nebraska
  • I wonder what percentage of the proceeds from the BIG10 network go to academics and what percentage go to athletics.
  • When it was originally proposed the network was supposed to be about academics and also include some athletic games not covered by the other sports networks. That has quickly changed. Does anybody go to the BIG10 network to watch academic related programming ?
  • I ask this because the ncaa and players are looking at creating some sort of revenue sharing compromise. The amount of revenue shared could be significantly different for schools whose athletic departments are self sufficient. I could easily see schools like Purdue saying to athletes all you get to share is what is part of the self sufficient revenue and not share anything from the academic budget.
  • I could envision a lot of athletes being upset if that were the case. And I could envision a lot of academic nerds sticking out their tongues and saying tough luck greedy athletes!
  • Now, if they could only put out a competitive team to go with the new stadium renovation.


Elite Member
Always love these reads. Helps get the juices flowing for the season.

I don’t think hate is a useful emotion to carry around, but I’m really starting to detest Buffalo fans, whom I was previously ambivalent towards. Very derisive bunch.
You can always take the Buddhist approach and say, "Thank you, Colorado fans, for showing me what I am not."


Elite Member
  • I have Colorado for sure winning 8, but there spread could be from 6 wins to 11 wins, so many unknowns
I can't see Colorado winning 4 myself, but 11???????

  • Tornadoes in Nebraska and Lincoln
  • Best thing to ever come out of Lincoln.
  • "The amount of debris falling on me from Lincoln, NE was a scene I'll never forget." Wait 'til you visit Folsom!
I laughed


That Dude
Elite Member
Omaha, NE
season 1 showtime GIF by Black Monday


Elite Member
Always love these reads. Helps get the juices flowing for the season.

I don’t think hate is a useful emotion to carry around, but I’m really starting to detest Buffalo fans, whom I was previously ambivalent towards. Very derisive bunch.
I hate those ballsack suckers so much, wish we played them every year. And hope CU Prime stays there forever.

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