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EPP - Erect Platinum Press - 5/7

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HuskerGarrett's Hawt Handys:

Quick note to pass along this week. I have heard that we should be expecting a huge multimedia rights announcement from UNL this week. It sounds like they cleaned house on the current staff and Mike Elliott and Greg Sharpe are the only two coming over from the IMG Radio side. Greg will take over additional responsibilities in order to stay. Hearing that TJ Henning from 590 AM is the new main producer and they went after a female producer from the Big 12 for the 2nd main spot.

Notes from a former NFL Player:

I'll start right from the top with Ryan Held...
By all consideration, this guy can really recruit. He does a great job of relating to young people, and highlighting the benefits of what playing for Nebraska is. He can get kids FOR SURE.
But it seems like once they get to campus, he...

Notes from former NFL Player

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Sent to me by a member

1) Manning/Toure will help a ton in terms of being able to take a 5 yard Slant and turn it into a 10 or 15. Manning has the ability to take a Slant to the Crib..

2) I liked what I saw from each of the RB's, which tells me even more that Ryan Held has no clue what to do right now as each of them displays the ability to do what's needed. Consistency is obviously the key. But with what I'm seeing, there is no reason why it shouldn't be a "next man up" mentality for that position, much like Wisconsin - one RB leaves for the NFL, and the next guy steps in, and so on..

3) I think overall the Defense is making this team better, and we could finally be seeing a turnaround happening. I'm not sure I see a 9-win team, but I see quality depth on the OL.. and competing every day against a quality DL like we have is making them better.

We could finally be witnessing the start of the turnaround. Where we see a group of kids who are no longer out-manned at every...

Inside Info NUFan Nuggs 5.0

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I had asked about Stille and here's what he sent me back:

Stille from what I was told will be fine and this is just a precautionary measure to keep him out of spring practice due to some shoulder bruising. My guess he will resume weightlifting and some basic workouts early summer.

My biggest concern is the situation with our RBs and the # of the guys who are not practicing who desperately need these practices. I am more particularly concerned about Morrison. I thought he would be heavily involved in our running game and now he might be out for all of the Spring. The good news is that Irvin is getting a ton of reps and is really making great progress. He can become a special back who has very diverse skill sets and is very mature 18 year old.

As for practices, I am just delighted to see a much more physical and detailed practices that are more geared towards teaching and development than speed and tempo (this is something that Scott and I had detail and extensive conversation...

Inside Info Spring scrimmages and important practice dates

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This is the schedule that was handed out today

April 9th - scrimmage
April 14th
April 21st - scrimmage
April 26th
May 1st - Spring Game

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